Sky Racket

My roles in this project

  • Audio Director
  • Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementer

Sky Racket is a beautiful 2D game, set in a colorful and nonsensical world, that mixes the classic genres of Shoot 'em ups and Block Breakers. In fact, creators Double Dash studios dub it "the world's first SHMUP Breaker", which sounds about right!

The game's beautiful soundtrack was composed by in-house musician Eddie Saporski. However, the sound design output was falling behind schedule and the team had plenty of wild sound ideas that would require interactive implementation. Thus, Midipixel was called to help out.

The creative concept of the game revolved around the 16 bit aesthetic, with a modern twist. With this direction in mind, we designed the vast majority of the game's audio, including voice acting, sound effects and atmospheres by using FM synthesis and samples reminiscent of the era. Besides asset creation, I was also responsible for the implementation and mixing through the FMOD audio middleware. The game won an award for its Sound Design on 2019's Pixel Show, an achievement that warmed our hearts!


  • Winner: Pixel Show 2019 - Best Sound