Welcome to Midipixel

We are a small award winning creative studio, crafting music and sounds for digital products. With 15+ years of experience in game audio, we thrive on turning noise into game art.

What we've been working on

  • Super Mombo Quest

    The Mombo creature is loose, sommersaulting and twisting in this award-winning Metroidvania/precision platformer hybrid! Midipixel was responsible for the design and implemention of the game's audio, coming up with a vibrant and modern electronic aesthetic.

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  • Dwarf Journey

    In this roguelite, the dwarf warrior Gallar sets off on a quest for immortality. Underscoring the adventure, Midipixel came up with an adaptive orchestral rock soundtrack that workds in tandem with a minimalist and polished sound design.

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  • Sky Racket

    Double Dash hired Midipixel to direct the audio for Sky Racket, the world's first SHMUP Breaker! We provided authentic 16 bit era audio, being in charge of sound design, mixing and implementation for this super fun Brazilian game. And we even won an award for it!

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