Welcome to Midipixel

We are a small award winning digital design studio crafting video games, apps and game audio. Building interactive media is what we love, specially if it makes sound!

What we've been working on

  • Audio Super Mombo Quest

    The Mombo creature is loose, sommersaulting and twisting in this award-winning Metroidvania/precision platformer hybrid! Midipixel was responsible for the design and implemention of the game's audio, coming up with a vibrant and modern electronic aesthetic.

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  • Audio Dwarf Journey

    In this roguelite, the dwarf warrior Gallar sets off on a quest for immortality. Underscoring the adventure, Midipixel came up with an adaptive orchestral rock soundtrack that workds in tandem with a minimalist and polished sound design.

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  • Digital Design Blendwave

    Blendwave is a free sound design app for gamemakers and audiovisual authors. Streamlined for rapid sound prototyping, it enables anyone to create interesting sound effects in a breeze.

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  • Digital Design Warlock's Tower

    Warlock's Tower is an award-winning movement puzzle, where every step you take might be your last! There's a simple rule that makes the gameplay unique among similar puzzles: One step taken, one life lost. The game is available on PC, Mobile and Consoles.

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