Welcome to Midipixel

Hey there. Nice to have you around! I'm Werther, a multidisciplinary composer and designer of digital products. Midipixel is my creative studio and artistic moniker. In this website, you'll get to know my creative outlet. Have a nice stay!

Some Cool Projects

  • Super Mombo Quest

    Mombo is loose, sommersaulting and twisting in this Metroidvania/precision platformer hybrid! I was responsible for the design and implemention of the game's award-winning audio, coming up with a vibrant and modern electronic aesthetic.

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  • Blendwave

    Blendwave is a sound design app I researched, designed developed, aimed at gamemakers and audiovisual authors. Streamlined for rapid sound prototyping, it enables anyone to create interesting sound effects in a breeze!

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  • Warlock's Tower

    Watch your steps! Warlock's Tower is a movement puzzler, where every step you take might be your last! I created this retro indie game with Ygor Speranza, and it went pretty far, winning awards, highlights and a high Metacritc score!

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