Where MIDI and Pixels converge

The word Midipixel refers to the fundamental particles of digital music (MIDI) and imagery (pixels). It represents the creative duality that has surrounded me throughout my entire life.

Oh, this is an About page, right? Time to speak about myself in the third person, I suppose.

Are you ready? Ahem... Fine, let's go:

Werther Azevedo is a multidisciplinary composer and designer, specialized in digital media. He graduated in visual design from PUC-Rio and has earned a Msc in Graphic and Audiovisual Expression from UAB-Portugal. He accumulates 20 years of experience in digital design, having worked in design agencies and game development studios, in a trajectory that encompasses not only UX/UI Design for Web, native applications and Video Games, but music composition and sound design. A former lecturer, he taught Digital Audio, Web Technologies and Game Design Principles at PUC-Rio University for 13 yeas.

In terms of music outside of digital media, Werther has been a keyboardist on underground local rock/metal bands for many years during the 2000s, where he learned his composing chops. Years later, he got back to the live stage as half of edm act Escape Into.

He currently works at Crytek, helping to design CRYENGINE, the notorious game engine.



Midipixel Design e Produção Musical LTDA.

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil