Where MIDI and Pixels converge

Midipixel is a small creative studio located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, focused on small and polished video games, game audio and creativity tools.

Midipixel was originally founded by Werther Azevedo and Ygor Speranza, out of a desire to ride the indie games wave with their own quirky creations. After a couple of years of experiments and client work, they came up with Warlock's Tower. The retro puzzler received awards, App Store highlights, and has been released for PC, mobile and consoles.

Following Ygor's departure, the studio's focus shifted a bit to contemplate all of Werther's creative output which, in addition to indie games, also includes plenty of music and game audio and a keen interest on tools that enable people to be creative.

More about Werther

Werther Azevedo is a composer and multidisciplinary designer - and, occasionally, coder - specialized in video games and audio. He graduated from PUC-Rio in Visual Design, and mastered from Universidade Aberta in Graphic and Audiovisual Expression. He accumulates more than 15 years of industry experience in the digital media field, with a trajectory that encompasses web, software and video games development.

When not creating new digital stuff, he teaches students how to do it at PUC-Rio, where he lectures about Digital Audio, Web Technologies and Game Design Principles.


  • Escape Into: Melodic psy-trance act along Dan Eisenberg, influenced by rock, metal, chipmusic, vgm and more.
  • Phantom.sys: Another musical side project, this time focused on the intersection of metal/rock arrangements and synthwave. Something like synthrock, perhaps?



Midipixel Design e Produção Musical LTDA.

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil