Where MIDI and Pixels converge

Midipixel is a small creative studio located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, focused on small and polished video games, game audio and creativity tools.

The word Midipixel refers to the fundamental particles of digital music (MIDI) and imagery (pixels). The company name reflects the creative traits of its founder, multidisciplinary composer and digital designer Werther Azevedo. Throughout the years, we've worked on many fronts within the digital domain, including UX/UI consulting and indie game development (when, by the way, we released the award-winning game Warlock's Tower).

While trailing this ecletic path and creating multiple digital products on the way, there has always been one constant: the passion for music and sound in digital games. As game audio pioneers in Brazil, we have always worked to build and consolidate sonic realities in the interactive world, be it in our own products or in another studios' games. Interactive audio design is in our DNA.

Over the years, the demand for game audio in Brazil got consistent, which enabled us to focus exclusively on this front. So, in current years, we've been gladly creating interactive noises and composing adaptive music to match frantic pixels dancing across the screen!

More about Werther

Werther Azevedo is a multidisciplinary composer and designer, specialized in video games and audio. He graduated in visual design from PUC-Rio and has earned a Msc in Graphic and Audiovisual Expression from UAB-Portugal. He accumulates more than 15 years of experience in digital design, with a trajectory that encompasses music, web, apps and games.

Music-wise, Werther was a keyboardist on underground local rock/metal bands for many years during the 2000s, where he learned his composing chops. Years later, he got back to the live stage as half of edm act Escape Into.

When he isn't creating sound or building digital stuff, he teaches students how to do it at PUC-Rio, where he is a lecturer in Digital Audio, Web Technologies and Game Design Principles.



Midipixel Design e Produção Musical LTDA.

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil