Super Mombo Quest

My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementer

The Master Of Nightmare has dominated the land of Subrosa, infesting it with horrid creatures. Toma, the wise, manages to escape, traveling through the galaxy in search of the chosen hero that sould free the subdued folk of this once peaceful land. What he finds, however, doesn't look like a hero at all. It's the wacky but powerful Mombo creature, Orube Game Studio's mascot and protagonist of Super Mombo Quest, a Precision Platformer/Metroidvania hybrid.

After some spotting sessions with the Orube crew, it was decided that the high paced rythm of the game called for a modern audio aesthetic, composed primarily of synthesized tones, and rooted in the vibrant nature of electronic music. Conversely, the consistent use of ancient instruments such as the flute and African percussion denotes Mombo's harmonic relationship with the natural world. The highly stylized and sometimes exaggerated sound effects follow the direction of fast paced energy, and seek to convey the awe of Mombo's athletic feats, as well as his capability to shapeshift into different forms and obtain special powers. This approach met critical acclaim when the game won Audio and Soundtrack awards in the SB Games Festival.

Besides content creation, I was also responsible for the interactive audio implementation through our expertise with the FMOD audio middleware.


  • Winner: SB Games 2020 - Best Audio
  • Winner: SB Games 2021 - Best Soundtrack