My roles in this project

  • UX Designer/Researcher
  • UI Designer
  • Developer

Designing professional grade sound effects may require the expertise of seasoned sound designers, but this does not mean that the act of prototyping sound ideas should be restricted to specialists. The idea that anyone with a functioning pair of ears can engage in sound prototyping and come up with a nice output has given birth to Blendwave, a sound design app for gamemakers and audiovisual authors.

Subject of an extensive master's degree research, Blendwave was inspired by popular tools like BFXr, but unlike these simple subtractive synthesizers, the output it generates isn't restricted to a lo-fi or 8 bit aesthetic. Instead, by using a comprehensive (and creative commons licensed) sample library as the basis for sound creation, the app leverages the simplicity and versatility of samplers, enabling its users to achieve a plethora of sonic possibilities. Just choose a sample, apply some pitch and volume modifications, filters and effects and voilá! A new sound is born!

But here's the best part: Blendwave is an open source web app, built with the Web Audio API, which means that creating sounds is just a matter of pointing a modern browser to its URL and start playing.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating sounds now!