My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer

Based on a short story by famous Brazilian writer Machado de Assis, Soulstice is a collaboration between Midipixel and Estúdio Vaca Roxa where you control the mystical couple Kinn and Kala, in pursuit of a forgotten ritual that could make them ascend to divinity. To achieve this ambitious goal, you must solve every puzzle, by switching the characters' souls and unique habilities between players.

The game was originaly made for the GB JAM 5, where games must adhere to Game Boy's limitations. As such, the game's audio had to sound authentic, as if it had been created for the portable console, pretty much like Warlock's Tower. These guidelines defined the game's aural direction.

This is a short and sweet game, with a short and sweet soundtrack, that uses the simplicity of chiptune melodies to speak of sunlight and starlight, complementary and eternal.