Let's Zeppelin

My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer

Let's Zeppelin is a hilarious and exciting multiplayer action game by Gazeus Games that expands the classic Battlefield mechanics by introducing a vast array of different zeppelins with special skills,allowing players to employ all kinds of combat strategies while battling for the skies.

The creative team behind the game was looking for the ideal sound and music aesthetics to match the Let's Zeppelin's tongue-in-cheek humor, and that's exactly what Midipixel delivered!

During battle, the energetic heavy metal soundtrack sets the tone for a fun conflict, with its catchy melodies and furious guitar solos, while a highly exaggerated and cartoonish set of sound effects help amplify the already super wacky animations of the game.

The metagame offers many options for players to upgrade their zeppelins and craft new items. This area features a smoother version of the combat leitmotif to give players a breathing room while they upgrade, but each bonus animation keeps the game's overall vibe, punctuated by larger than life and rewarding sound effects.