Dwarf Journey

My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementer

Facing his twilight years, veteran warrior Gallar refuses to face his own mortality. Armed with is ax and his trusty pickaxe, the dwarf sets off for the northern mountains in search of an epic quest that may cost his own life; or prolong it forever. Dwarf Journey is an compelling roguelite adventure, developed by our partners Orube Game Studio, who once again invited Midipixel to take care of the project's audio.

Aesthetically speaking, the approach to the music was to intermingle the epic excitement of the orchestra with pop/rock rhyths and formal structure. Since the game levels are procedurally generated and each game session can have a varied duration, I chose to use horizontal re-sequencing implementation techniques in FMOD, so that the music gets more exciting when Gallar encounters many enemies at once, while reverting to a calm and soothing mood during the exploration and looting moments.

Sound effects, in general, were designed with a minimalist mindset, which resulted in a polished but discrete sonic palette. In a game where the player is often fighting multiple foes on the same screen, our main goal was to instill the emotion of battling dragons and goblins while avoiding to disrupt game flow with sonic pollution.

Dwarf Journey was a fast-paced production. In a 4 months timespan, Orube and Midipixel were able to deliver a quality product, that was pretty well received by console, PC and mobile players.