Dancin' Rio

My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer

How about shakin' it in the Marvelous City? It's exactly what players did in the game Dancin' Rio. In this rythm game, made for the mobile phones of yesteryear, players had to get the sequence right in their tiny phones keyboard to score points and make one of the characters keep dancing.

Even though it's a simple project, developed in a time where mobile phones couldn't outuput digital audio, Dancin' Rio proves that it's possible to compose good music even by using the simplicity of General MIDI. Those tracks may not sound quite as well produced as other games in our portfolio, but they sure are just as good, from a music composition standpoint!

Besides, it's not common to have the opportunity to compose two of your hometown's staple music genres: samba and carioca funk. For this reason alone, Dancin' Rio has been a super fun project to having worked on!