Backgammon Gods

My roles in this project

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer

Backgammon Gods was an experiment by Gazeus Games to apply a different twist on the classic Backgammon gameplay. And what better way to twist things than by summoning the angry gods of the greek pantheon? By chosing either Hermes or Aphrodite as their avatars, players could compete in online matches and engage in a rich metagame to evolve and find out who was the greater god.

The soundtrack called for an orchestral take, but the challenge was coming up with a gameplay theme that sounded deep and epic, reflecting the majesty and the sublime aspect of divinity, but not overly distracting. After all, Backgammon is a slow paced game and the music should find the middle ground between focus and excitement.

Our solution, like usual, was grounded in melody. While the orchestral motifs tell the tale of godly prowess, the arrangements incorporate percussion and female vocals that allude to antiquity.