Revendus Móvel

My roles in this project

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer

In Brazil, the women's underwear industry employs remote saleswomen, the so-called "sacoleiras", as the driving force for its commercial activities. Revendus, a suite of SaaS, developed by Bending Bits, aims to support managers in the complex logistics of coordinating these remote workers. To help translating such processes into intuitive interactions, this company counted for a number of years on my design consultancy.

Revendus Móvel is an Android app that runs on the supervisors' mobile device. This person visits each saleswomen under his management, overseeing sales, inventory, debts, etc. Such management duties require a very specific application, that takes into account the remote context and particular needs of the users.

Revendus Mobilon is a legacy Windows desktop software that predates Revendus Móvel, and was previously used for the same function.

Revendus Móvel was Bending Bits first mobile app and the challenge was to translate Mobilon's features to mobile devices' form factors and interaction models. To do so, we started from scratch, designing and validating each screen incrementally. A design system was built, based on Google's Material Design, but adapted to Bending Bits' specific characteristics and needs.