Revendus Maria

My roles in this project

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer

In Brazil, the women's underwear industry employs remote saleswomen, the so-called "sacoleiras", as the driving force for its commercial activities. Revendus, a suite of SaaS, developed by Bending Bits, aims to support managers in the complex logistics of coordinating these remote workers. To help translating such processes into intuitive interactions, this company counted for a number of years on my design consultancy.

Revendus Maria is the latest addition to the Revendus Software Suite. This Android app builds on Revendus Movel's foundation and Design System, enabling saleswoman not only to manage their own inventory, but order new items via a convenient and minimalistic e-commerce-like experience. In order to make it possible, we had to design and polish lots of micro-interactions and strive to keep user-flows simple, uncluttered and straightforward.

The app's visual design is fresh, inviting and colorful. Through the use of saturated illustrations and bright colors, we aimed to speak the language of the target audience, many of whom might not be used to managing their work schedule via a mobile app.