Revendus ERP

My roles in this project

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end Developer

In Brazil, the women's underwear industry employs remote saleswomen, the so-called "sacoleiras", as the driving force for its commercial activities. Revendus, a suite of SaaS, developed by Bending Bits, aims to support managers in the complex logistics of coordinating these remote workers. To help translating such processes into intuitive interactions, this company counted for a number of years on my design consultancy.

Revendus ERP is the main administration hub. This complex software runs on the company's main office and enables full management of databases, supply chains, delivery routes, finances, inventory, debts etc. This software's design system and component library started being established in the early 00s and is still running strong.

The user experience of this software was designed in close cooperation with the final users. Each interaction step was tested, validated and iteratively perfected, until a satisfying and efficient user experience was achieved.