Aula de LIBRAS Quiz

My roles in this project

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end Developer

TV INES is a television channel fully dedicated to sign language users, where all the presenters are hearing disabled. When they called us to talk about a game aimed at people with hearing disabilities , we knew we were at the start of an awesome learning journey.

Based on the TV Show with the same name, the idea behind Aula de Libras Quiz was to teach Brazilian sign language - LIBRAS - to the general audience, while also teaching written Portuguese to people who only communicate through sign language. To reach this goal, TV INES enlisted the TV show's host, Heveraldo Ferreira, to record lots of short videos where a word would be gesticulated in LIBRAS, so that players had to guess its translation to Portuguese.

The game's UX was quite straightforward, where players would play the video snippet and try to guess the word. In the end, the player was offered episodes from the original TV show related to the words that were asked in that round. The game also featured multiple progressive rounds, a social-media integrated ranking and sharing capabilities. The visual design was based on the TV show's guidelines, with some creative room for fun icons and rounded shapes.

Aula de Libras Quiz was developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript.