Soulstice (Midipixel + Vaca Roxa)

Imagine an amazing co-op Puzzle Platformer with an exclusive cable link feature for your Game Boy, where you could switch screens in order to solve environment puzzles! Well, dream no more! Thanks to GBJAM5, now you can own this incredible 'cartridge' and play with your friend or loved one with no additional charge!

Based on a short story by famous Brazilian writer Machado de Assis, Soulstice is a collaboration between Midipixel and Estúdio Vaca Roxa where you control the mystical couple Kinn and Kala, in pursuit of a forgotten ritual that could make them ascend to divinity!

To achieve this ambitious goal, you must solve every puzzle, by switching the characters' souls and unique habilities between players! So, stick together and keep moving on. Y' know, like Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang, Donald and Duck, Peanut Butter and Jelly, etc.

Download it now at!