Game Audio

Warlock's Tower

Warlock's Tower is Midipixel's flagship video game to date. Released for mobile platforms, PC and consoles, this puzzler tells the story of mailman Tim's quest to deliver a peace message to the Evil Warlock.

One of the tennets of the game, from a conceptual standpoint, was that it should look and feel like an authentic retro experience. Ideally, players should feel that the game could have been released back in the 90s. Judging from most of the reviews, they did, which means that we probably achieved our goal.

Following this conceptual framework, the game's music and sound effects were designed to (losely) comply with the Game Boy's limitations. This means that we used the same 4 classic oscillators for every sound and even sampled a real Game Boy for many of the sound effects. Another trademark of Game Boy games are the melody driven chiptune soundtracks, and Warlock's Tower is no different, each level featuring specific musical theme that aims to reflect its environmental qualities.

The soundtrack is freely available on Bandcamp, but we wouldn't mind if you chose to pay something for it! 😉