Sometimes it feels that we, humans, have taken the wrong turn somewhere. The result is the dazzling and alienating existence we live in. A time when bored people often turn to their devices’ endless feed of memes and cats to ease the pain of living in a sick world. WHOA, dude!!! What’s with this gloomy talk? Playing too much Fallout, eh? Yeah, we usually make games and fun stuff. But from time to time, depressing thoughts strike and we make something else.

Hence FEED: An interactive experience based in the scrolling mechanism.

By matching striking images collected from the web (many of them from the amazing technoir website) with words of modern thinkers and poets we respect and an appropriate soundtrack, we crafted a simple but powerful experience that tells the story of the post-modern citizen and invites the user to reflect about our times. Just scroll away like you would in your favorite social media website and enjoy the ride. Just don’t expect cats, but something a little deeper.

Start feeding!