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Warlock's Tower

Warlock's Tower is an award-winning movement puzzle, where every step you take might be your last! In this game, you play as mailman Tim and the spunky girl Jess. Together, they must deliver a peace offering to an Evil Wizard living at the top of a cursed, life-draining tower.

There's a simple rule that makes the gameplay unique among similar puzzles: One step taken, one life lost. It's a very fun game, featuring short and addictive play cycles, tons of stages full of traps, monsters, and clever mechanics, all wrapped up in delicious, nostalgic and lovingly-crafted gameboy aesthetic!

Midipixel's indie debut is being programmed in Lua using the LÖVE framework. The complete version of Warlock's Tower is scheduled to be released for Desktop PC's and mobile platforms in January 2017.

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