Bilbo Mobilon

In Brasil, the women's underwear industry employs remote saleswomen, the so-called "sacoleiras", as the driving force for its commercial activities. The Bilbo Web Suite, developed by IT firm Bending Bits, aims to support managers in the complex logistics of coordinating these remote workers. To help translating such processes into intuitive interactions, this company counts on Midipixel's design consultancy.

Bilbo Mobilon, a Microsoft Windows software, runs on the supervisors' computer. This person visits each saleswomen under his management, overseeing sales, inventory, debts, etc. Such management duties require a very specific application, that takes into account the remote context and particular needs of the users.

The user interfaces were designed in close cooperation with the final users. Each interaction step was tested, validated and iteratively perfected, until a satisfying and efficient user experience was achieved. The end result was a simple, elegant and fast software, which interaction model is surprisingly built around keyboard data input.