Suite Na Ponta do Lápis

FAPES believes that beneficiaries of pension plans can ensure a more complete and peaceful life after their retirement. Their portal on financial, actuarial and pension fund rights education Na Ponta do Lápis helps visitors understand this using news clips, articles and videos. In order to further diversify its portal's content, we developed a suite of browser based games. We wanted to turn their readers and viewers into players.

Since securing a happy retirement is a lifelong undertaking, the suite's concept is to loosely portrait a different stage of a person's life with each game. While still a teenager, your task is to avoid consumerism by literally jumping and dodging products which the world throws at you and your skateboard. As an adult, you play a game of choose your own adventure while managing your house's finances and balancing your family's desires. And as a middle aged man, the struggle to remember which bills to pay becomes a Concentration card game. Also a part of the game suite is a The Game of Life-like boardgame about moving towards your dream retirement and a pension fund jargon Hangman game.

All games were designed to be visually identifiable as a whole while at the same time allowing each to look like its own thing. Our diverse and clean character design also enables players to easily relate. One of the challenges of the project was considering the product's target wide age range, which demanded that all interfaces and user interaction decisions factor in child and elderly necessities alike.

The Na Ponta do Lápis game suite was developed using Flash and is available (in Portuguese) at this adress.