FAPES - Segurança da Informação

Quizzes are a fun and straightforward way of gamifying knowledge. Segurança da Informação – Quiz was developed for FAPES, the pension sector of the National Economic Development Bank (BNDES), an important financial institution in Brasil, in order to test the efficiency of their inhouse educational program on Information Security, a topic of great importance in today's workplace environment.

The game consists of 13 questions which the player has a total of 5 minutes to answer. Every question has three alternatives: if the player selects an incorrect one, the right alternative is shown. A brief complementary text also follows up each answer, contextualizing the correct alternative within the question. A score keeps track of how many points the player has been awarded (each correct answer is worth 50 points) and, at the end of the game, the player's score is stored in a database.

The visual layout of Segurança da Informação – Quiz was designed to match the client's professional visual identity and, at the same time, to be playful and enticing. At the heart of this mix is DICA, the dog, FAPES charismatic mascot turned game's "host".

Segurança da Informação – Quiz was developed using HTML5.