Midipixel was founded by two ex-members of the late Nano Studio, both with experience in game and app development for a decade and more.

But what does this even mean? You ask yourself. Does this even matter at all? Is Midipixel's focus on the creation of complex solutions, rich in interactivity and multimedia content really that important?

Well, a little bit.

What truly matters, however, is that we love what we do. And we love making it our job.

This is even truer for our indie games, in which we can experiment through uncharted territory of the electronic games world, pursuing new mechanics and new ways to express and communicate made possible by this compelling art form. Or maybe we just want you to blow things up. Why not both?

Midipixel Design e Produção Musical LTDA.

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


(5521) 96500-2901