Welcome to Midipixel

A place where two dudes get their creative fix by making games

Midipixel Studio is an awarded Brazilian indie game company by two balding friends with years of experience with game and app development (that's where the balding comes from). Both truly love what they do, and are probably going to die a happy death while doing it.

Latest Games

  • Warlock's Tower


    Warlock's Tower is an award-winning movement puzzle, where every step you take might be your last! There's a simple rule that makes the gameplay unique among similar puzzles: One step taken, one life lost.

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  • Soulstice


    Soulstice is an amazing co-op Puzzle Platformer where you can switch screens and special powers with your playing buddy to solve amazing puzzles. The game was made for GBJam5 and tells the love story of a couple who desire, above all, to ascend to divinity!

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  • Defender 88


    Defender 88! is an underwater shoot’em up about protecting generators and shooting waves of jellyfishes, which are evil, somehow (unless proven otherwise). The game which inaugurates the bubble hell genre! Pilot a submarine! Fire torpedoes, blow fishes up! 23 atmospheres of 8 bit fun in just one game!

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